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Make Embers Music

Make Embers Breaks Music (Ember instruction manual)


BPM is the only rule:

  • All tunes have to be 145 bpm OR 163.75 bpm.
    • This is a rule that cannot be broken.
    • The council met on this in the beginning, and it was thus decided.


  • You should try to incorporate stick samples.
  • You should try to incorporate vocals about sticks, fire, embers etc.
  • You should try to incorporate psychedelic feels.
  • The more crooked rolls you have the better but really any style of drum programming is acceptable.
  • No genre boundaries – go as mental as you like – Jungle, Dub, Warehouse, Ambient, Breaks, Techno and everything in between is encouraged.

I made an Ember, now what?

It is tradition to secretly submit your fresh dub to DJ NUTTA to be played during the K.S.S.S Sunday Show.

All tunes need to be PM’d to @NUTTA on the (DOA) forum at least an hour before show time on a Sunday to be played i.e. 21.00 GMT.

Join in the chat during the show on YouTube – It’s a right laugh and you should try to wear slippers while listening and drink some beer.

Afterwards, please share your fresh Ember on the DOA Embers Thread with the rest of us and hang out.

Please don’t post new dubs in the Embers thread until after they have been played by NUTTA on a Sunday – this keeps the surprise of new tunes to the show – which is cool as fuck IMO

Make more Embers Music!

-Original summary by Shifty. Edited for the webz.

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    01. Thermal - Animal Dub (R-Kain Remix)

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    01. Morpheus, God Of Dreams

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