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What are Embers Breaks?

Many years ago, circa 2011 a guy who called himself mono BKT (and Pecavi) went on a bunch of music forums (, proclaiming he had invented a new genre of music called ‘Embers Breaks’.

He was, for the most part, ridiculed and laughed at (despite actually making some sick beats) on the account that he was in fact just making Breakbeat.

Embers Breaks was forgotten about – cast off to a far corner of the internet like that spooky ring from the Hobbit film.

But like that famous ring, Embers Breaks was not lost forever – just biding its time softly calling out to bass lovers waiting to be re-discovered… until one day in 2021 a rather strange creature called Golum (we call him RokOne aka Badger from DOA) stumbled upon the original Pecavi thread and started a light hearted competition for DOA forum members.

The challenge young RokOne set for us was to create as many Embers tracks as we liked in any style – we had a guide from the creator himself copied from that original Embers thread 10 years earlier..

It’s basically about drum’s.
The music is created in 145 bpm so IT IS NO Big beat, Drum & Bass , Breakbeat or Jungle.
The drums are specifically made whit many ”sticks” and ”snare rollings” what create this fast aspect of the track at 145 bpm.

Why ”Embers Breaks” ?
My big brother aleways call me ”Pecavi” as music artist which means fire/flamme and for me music ( a song ) is like an embers that burn till the end …

And like busy little elves we got to work…. as the months passed by the competition grew far beyond its original scope. The Embers, smoldering, burning, lighting a fire of creativity, heavy basses and pounding breaks. Sub genres were formed from ashes… Jembers, Wembers, Dembers to name but a few …. covering all aspects of modern electronic music… nothing was too daring… nothing was taboo.

A fledgling movement rose up from the fire built on the founding pillars set out by the great creator all those years ago. Now in its 2nd year, we have a radio show hosted by the legendary DJ NUTTA from his Kebab van every Sunday at 10pm. All music played on KSSS is original dubs, made by diverse musicians from all over the world, and the scene is growing – at last count there were 500+ original tunes from over 50 artists.

We would like to officially invite you to the party… please try to wear slippers and have some beer to drink if you swing by the show later. It would be great if you said HI in the chat”

-Summary by Shifty with words from the creator sourced by official Embers historian and documenter Kryptopex.

BPM is the only rule for Embers.
It can’t be broken.

Embers Breaks are 145bpm or 163.75bpm for Jembers (aka Jungle Embers).

Join the party, make some Embers

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    01. Thermal - Animal Dub (R-Kain Remix)

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    01. Morpheus, God Of Dreams

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